Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 1 (Jan 29 - Feb 4) & Week 2 (Feb 5 - 11) Recap

I've never been good at recording my workouts. So now I am putting them here for you to see. At the end of every week I will be recording what I have accomplished. This way I can finally see exactly what I have been doing, my trainer can understand what is going on when it comes to my training sessions, and you can cheer me on :) Below are the last two weeks of the beginning of my training.

** I did do cross training after my short runs and hill work. But my notes have been deleted from my training center (Beyond Annoying!) Starting this week I will be recording all my ab, upper body, and toning workouts.

Week 1
Sunday - 6 mile run

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - (1) Hill work, (2) 2 hours of Hot Yoga, (3) 5 mile walk

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Interval work 3 miles

Friday - Personal Training Session

Saturday - 3 mile walk

Week 2
Sunday - 7 mile run

Monday - Hill work

Tuesday - 2 hour Bar Pilates

Wednesday - 1.5 miles

Thursday - Rest

Friday - 1 hour Hot Yoga

Saturday - Rest


  1. Amanda I love your blog! it looks like you have a great work out plan, good luck in your races! You also have a cute little running partner!

  2. Thank you for following my blog :) I am lucky to have the most amazing running partner. If you have races coming up, good luck to you as well!