Hi and thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog!

My name is Amanda and I am a runner.
I didn't find running until my late 20's and it happened through a chain of events that led me to the sport that has forever changed my life and made me a stronger person. It all started after I had my son, Michael (also know as MG in most posts). I suffered from Postpartum Depression and because of the stigma attached to depression I was ashamed to reach out for help. Almost a year after giving birth, I reached my breaking point and decided I needed to make a change in my life for the betterment of my son. I needed to become a mentally and physically healthy person (you can read about that here). Since having that moment of clarity, I haven't turned back (read about my last year in review here).

My blog posts consist of of plethora of topics including running and training, race recaps, being a mom, a Columbia PhD student, a wife to a Greek man (who is my biggest fan) whose parents live down the street, pretty much everything in my life and how I survive the day to day craziness that comes with it all.

Along with all the above mentioned I am also a researcher and have had the opportunity to work on a few preschool shows including, Daniel Tigers Neighborhood (airing on PBS in 2012) and Peter Rabbit (airing on Nick Jr. in 2012).  

I have learned that keeping myself busy doesn't allow me the luxury to become lazy.  

*To see my professional website about my work on children's television and play please go to www.AmandaRosenburg.com