Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Awesome Valentines Day Running Gear

When I was younger Valentines Day was magical and full of love. Now that I am older and have a family I don't really celebrate V-day. Instead I try to live it everyday. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's important to cherish the ones you care about and express your love for them everyday. With that said, one of the aspects of life that I love (besides being a Mom and Wife) is... dun dun dun...running (ok you probably already guessed it). Running has become my best friend. It pushes me to do my best, is always there when I need it, allows for stress relief/therapy, etc etc. So how do you show your love for running and being fit? I have some great items that show your true feelings and scream girl in love!

Sparkle Heart Run Buns Boy Shorts ($16.80)
These are cute and comfy bunhuggers that are flattering. You can wear them under running shorts or use them for yoga classes. You can purchase a pair from Running Skirts.

Sparkly Sweaty Bands ($15.00)
Every girl deserves some sparkle and I love wearing my headband to run, do yoga, hit the gym, and do my mommy duties. It's a great way to flair up any outfit and they have TONS of colors to choose from. You can purchase headbands from Sweaty Bands.

 For the Love of the Run Mixed Metals Marathon Necklace ($31.00)
Show your love of the sport with this beautiful necklace. Handmade with mixed metals (Copper and Aluminum) and made custom to order. You can purchase the Love Run necklace from the MyBella on Etsy.
Beverly Bowtie Gym Bag ($149.00)
One of the cutest gym/yoga bags I have EVER seen. It screams girl in love! It has a hidden yoga mat carrier, vent holes to let your sweaty clothes air out, a sturdy seatbelt strap that are adjustable and removable, a stretchy water bottle pocket, phone or MP3 slot, and a lock loop to keep your lock in one place. You can purchase your bowtie gym bag from oGorgeous

Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet ($40.00)
Beautiful leather bracelet with the phrase "Live Love Run" etched in a silver plate. Each cuff is a 9 inch adjustable strap with brass washers and silver plating. It is made of 100% sterling silver and leather. And your bracelet can be personalized. You can purchase a bracelet from TwoRoadsFitness.

RunLove Compression Socks ($32.00)
One of my favorite pieces of running gear, RunLove socks are adorable and practical. I use them during long runs and after a hard race to help increase circulation. You can purchase a pair from Running Skirts.
Earthlust Stainless Steel Water bottles ($18.00)
I love water bottles. They do great wonders for preventing excessive trash, they are healthier, and make a wonderful statement. Earthlust provides beautiful designs, different sizes, and all bottles are 100% BPA free. You can purchase your water bottle from Earthlust.

Be Inspired, Stay Motivated, Run Strong!

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