Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Running + Yoga means Love

I started doing yoga loooong before I put on a pair of running shoes. I took my first yoga class when I was in undergrad. After my father abruptly left my family without even a glimpse back, I knew I needed a way of coping with the event. So for my 1 credit athletic class, I registered for yoga. I absolutely loved the class and the instructor was amazing. Along with practice, she asked us to keep a journal of how we were feeling about our new practice as well as life events. It was with her guidance that I was able to get through a very challenging moment in my life.

After the class concluded, I continued to enroll in other yoga classes in the community. But none were like hers. After graduation and moving halfway across the country, I was still searching for the perfect yoga class to take. I tried a few classes (one at my local gym, one at a studio that smelt like feet, and yesterdays) and after 4 years of classes that really didn't match me, I found what I was looking for yesterday. A very good friend had asked me to join her, and upon arrival I was instantly in love with the studio. Everything from the decor to the smell was comforting.

The instructor was welcoming, asking all new people their names and reminding us to be aware of our bodies and to ask questions when needed. The class was amazing (except for the part where a girl in the back row fainted, that shook us all up). Since it was a heated Bikram class, I walked away drenched in sweat. Along with all the poses, the instructor would always have us come back to center focusing on our breath. At first I had a hard time clearing my head, but after the first 15 minutes my focus was on the poses. It was interesting to see how my running actually has made me less flexible. My body has gotten so use to the one form of movement, that I found my poses were more stiff than I thought they would be. But it felt great focusing on neglected muscles.

If you are interested in yoga classes and live in the New York City area, The Yoga Room is AMAZING! They have a robust listing of classes, instructors, and are very welcoming. The staff embraces beginners and they help guide you through your practice. They also have a promotion going on right now for new students, a month unlimited for only $40.00. Not too bad :) You can visit their website at


  1. Glad you found a class you like! It really is about the instructor for yoga. I had a really great one for two semesters in college and then it was never the same later.

  2. I totally agree. I have taken many classes (besides yoga) and yoga is the only one where if I don't like the instructor I leave. It's comparable to a marriage. I think it's because I allow myself to open up mentally in yoga and need to feel like I am in a safe and secure environment.