Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Personal: Chaffing

If you follow my blog regularly, you can probably tell that I have really kicked my training into full gear. I have started working out 2+ hours on the days I don't run, I have taken up yoga, and I have been putting in hill and tempo workouts. This has been going on since I came back from my last half marathon at Disney during the first weekend in January. During the last month I have toned certain areas of my body and have lost a little bit of weight, which is what I was aiming for. I didn't, in my wildest dreams, think it would become a problem

For Christmas my brother and his girlfriend bought me my much coveted running gear "Rundies". I tried them on and they were perfect and after washing and drying they still fit perfectly. So I did a trial run before my Disney race... no chaffing. Well, only after a handful of uses I need to retire my rundies to my "too big" clothes drawer. Yesterday I put in 7 miles and felt pretty good after. I was having some minor issues during my run with my rundies. They were riding up and causing a horrible wedgie (something that I didn't have a problem with before). I found myself readjusting my shorts every .5 miles trying to make it look like I wasn't trying to pick out a wedgie in front of the whole gym. It was during late last night that I started to feel the pain. I had chaffed during my run. And the location, well, isn't a pleasant one.

Lesson 1 to take away: ALWAYS test run you gear before a race. Even if it's something that you have worn a handful of times. Our bodies are constantly changing with our workouts, miles, and diet. An article of clothing that may have fit you nicely a month ago, just might be the downfall to your next attempt at achieving your goal. I am glad I discovered it now, instead of experiencing it at my next half in a few weeks away.

Lesson 2: Vaseline is a wonderful concoction that does amazing things with chaffed areas.

*** I would like to say that I LOVE Rundies and will be buying a smaller size now that I have shrunk out of the ones I have.***

Be Inspired, Stay Motivated, Run Strong!


  1. If you're talking about butt hole chafing, Honey, you aren't alone. I had that problem on my last long run. Hubby and I had the discussion already but what do you think: Body glide or not? I'm not sure I'd want to use the stick on other areas after that though. haha.

  2. I wanted to say it... but thought it was TMI! LMAO :) I am so happy I am not alone on this. I think I am going to try Vaseline down there during my next run, to see if it helps with the friction. I was tempted with the body glide, but the thought of putting that on my thighs...eeesh!