Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, and Relay

Well it's official we are only 21 days away from my next (and first outside Disney) half marathon. I am really excited about this one. It is the Hyannis Half Marathon which takes place in Hyannis MA, right outside Cape Cod. I have only been to MA once and it was years ago when my husband wanted to go eat at a hamburger place featured on the Food Channel, so we took the 4 hour drive to fulfill his hankering. This time around we are going for just a slightly different reason, to fulfill our need of 13.1 glory.

As of right now our plans are to drive up Friday. Where we are staying at the Comfort Inn Cape Cod. We selected this hotel because of the price, location, late check-out for runners (3:00 pm = AWESOME), and the cryptically worded "welcome gift for runners at check-in" (I hope it's free ice, I hope it's free ice). I was hoping to stay at the conference hotel where everything will be located, which included expo, the spaghetti dinner, and a very close starting line. But after reading how packed and hectic it was, I thought it would be best to stay somewhere a little less hopping since MG will be attending the mini-vaca with us. I am pretty sure we will take Friday to relax and maybe do some pool time and go out to eat at the local Olive Garden (which I have read is in town somewhere). Since the race isn't until Sunday, we might head out to Cape Cod (if the weather permits) on Saturday and explore a little bit (of course we will call it an early night). Sunday is !Race Day! with a 10:00 am start (I feel spoiled). I am keeping all fingers and toes crossed hoping to PR with this race since it is relatively flat, not as congested as Disney, and doesn't have crazy distractions (which of course make a Disney race a Disney race).

The medal looks pretty cool, but the shirts on the other hand seem a little on the "blah" side. They are the standard cotton long sleeve. I love tech shirts, so this somewhat disappointing. More importantly the course is reported to be beautiful with some shoreline running. I am anticipating a day that is unseasonably warm, last years race looked like it had quite a bit of snow and MA is notorious for its winters. So here's to having some optimism. Now I just have to figure out some clever signs for MG to hold while his mommy and daddy run (so excited, this is his first race where he is going to be watching us!) :) Stay tuned for a race report after race completion.

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