Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hyannis Half Marathon Day 1

We are finally here! It was a five hour trip with car-to-car traffic over 1/3 of the way. The weather during our drive was horrendous switching between rain and snow with steady gusts of winds.
I don't pack light!
When we arrived at Comfort Inn Cape Cod they checked us in and gave us our Welcome Runner's Bag, which included a bottle of water, granola bar, an itenary for the weekend, a map of the town, and a book of things to do. We settled into our room, ordered some dinner (delivery), and went to sleep.
Gift Bag from Comfort Inn.

Our room

Our Room
This morning we woke up late (we could sleep in since little MG stayed at home with grandma) and took our time getting ready. We headed out to breakfast and decided to stop at the famous Keltic Kitchen. An amazing choice! The atmosphere was perfect, a hopping breakfast restaurant with old wood paneling and family pictures gracing the walls. The food selection is strictly breakfast, but there were more than enough choices. The best part was the quality, the food was to die for. Hands down the best breakfast I have ever had.

After we finished breakfast the hubby and I headed over to the Expo at the Conference Center. Compared to other expos, it was relatively small. Most of the vendors were in the outside hallway. I am glad we went right when it opened because I could see it becoming extremely crowded fast. There weren't many vendors selling items. I did get a massage to help get the kink out of my back. I also did find a top and a pair of shorts for a pretty decent price (50% off all items!).

Hyannis Half Marathon shirt. Made of 100% cotton. I am only wearing it before the race so you can see what it looks like.
The coolest part of expo was exploring the new MotoActv. I will trade in my Garmin for one (pretty big deal).
It has some pretty cool features including charting what songs you workout best to, it connects your texts and phone calls to the device, it can be used for multiple activities (pilates, running, walking, biking, etc), it connects to a wireless waterproof bluetooth headset (which has a heart-rate monitor built in), GPS with map viewing features, Android software that can be updated (not a hardware update like Garmin), it is scratch proof, has the option of armband or wrist watch, and it has a built in accelerometer to use indoors. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get my hands on one of these little guys to test out. 

After finishing expo, hubby and I headed down to the beach to walk around. The wind was crazy! But it was fun looking for sea shells. After walking the beach we headed to Main St. with numerous quaint shops. Most were closed for the season, but I found a great jewelery shop that sold handmade items. A certain friend is going to have a great gift for her upcoming birthday :)
Crazy Wind!

That is it for Day 1! Tomorrow morning is R-Day. So we are relaxing tonight and going to head out for dinner shortly.

Be Inspired, Stay Motivated, Run Strong!

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