Sunday, February 12, 2012

Emergency Back-up Workouts

** I am writing this quickly before MG wakes up from his nap. I did get 3 miles in while he was sleeping... THANK YOU HUBBY!

A few weeks ago I read a blog entry about having an emergency back-up workout plan (wish I could remember where...ugh Mommy brain!). They discussed how having an accessible box of items for an at home work out would help get your heart going when you don't have the opportunity to escape chaos.

After the last few days, I have realized I really don't have this emergency workout plan (let alone a box). I have a yoga mat (as posted previously), but no workout DVD's, weights, exercise ball, etc. This has been an eye opening experience... I need to have my "Mommy can't leave the house workout drawer/box".  Being cooped up inside with a sick toddler and no way to release tension that I have been experiencing from school has pushed me to the point of crazy (borderline Shining here)! So today I begin to think about the items I need to get so I can start creating my new Emergency Workout Box!

Now the question is, what do I put inside? Suggestions are more than appreciated!


  1. I pull workouts from magazine pages sometimes. I also like: Sweatin' to the Oldies, 6 Week 6 Pack (jillian michaels), and 30 Day Shred(jillian michaels).

  2. I love doing Zumba on my wii at home. Or Just Dance on my wii. But can't now (stupid knee!) LOVE Pilates at home as well. You'll figure out what works best for ya :). I've been doing a lot of different exercises I found on Pinterest lately too. Have fun! ~MB~ :)

  3. I love the workout magazine idea. I have collected numerous magazines and I think I am going to photocopy and make a small binder of workouts.
    I also love the pinterest idea. I starting to make a board for workouts. I will post the link when I am done :)