Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting Around Desk Exercises

As I get up from my desk to go get some lunch I glance up at the clock. 5 hours! I have been sitting here reading and writing (ok... and some social networking) for 5 hours! As a PhD student and researcher most of my time is spent in a chair at a desk. Because my work life is sedentary, I make sure that my home life is the opposite. I clock in a minimum of 10 miles a week, 2 days of strength training, and at least one day of yoga. But the truth is even though I put in all that effort outside of work, sitting for 5 hours isn't healthy for anyone. As I got up to get lunch I was stiff and uncomfortable (probably from my half marathon yesterday), but this is a common occurrence even without a 13.1 mile run the day before.

So what am I to do? I Google desk exercises and as fun as they may look I am already the laughing stock amongst my non-school friends because I am pushing 30 and still in school. The last thing I want is for my school friends to laugh at me too. I could purchase a treadmill for my desk, but that is crazy expensive.

Instead of rotating my feet and doing wall sits, I decided to change my habitat a little bit. Here is my attempt at tricking my mind and body to not sit for such long periods of time.

#1: I moved my trash can across the room. This way I have to get up to dispose of any trash.
#2: My stapler is no longer on my desk, but now across the room by the printer. People will also think I like to share and it will make me more popular.
#3: I will stop using the bathroom down the hall, but instead use the one on the second floor and take the stairs (I am a big girl I can hold it).
#4: I will go outside for at least five minutes for some fresh air during lunch. I find that fresh air makes me more active.
#5: If I begin to feel stiff I will get up and move/stretch (simple I know but often ignored).
#6: I will visit a friend on the fifth floor for a coffee break and take the stairs.
#7: I will keep my cell phone in my purse and put it under my desk. You might be scratching you head for this one, but it makes me have to get out of my chair and squat to reach my purse.
#8: There is a motion sensor light in my office. If there is no movement during a 20 minute period the lights go off. For every time I allow the lights to go off, I owe myself an extra 30 seconds of plank at home after work.

hmmm... it might be a feeble attempt. But we will see next week how I am feeling!
Be Inspired, Stay Motivated, Run Strong!

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