Saturday, March 31, 2012

Precautions to take when you workout sick

It happened, my munchkin man got me sick. No race this weekend, skipped a 5 miler on Wednesday, passed on the zoo Friday <insert sigh> plans just didn't work out. But after one day of rest I was itching to be active again.

During my doctors visit I was told that I had to take it easy. My heart rate was higher than normal. So when I started my routine I made sure I was monitoring my heart.

While completing my workout I took precautions to make sure I wasn't going to do more harm than good.

(1) Stay hydrated and drink electrolytes. Dehydration is a problem when you're sick. Add in the extra sweat and it can accelerate the problem.

Keep your drink handy so you don't have to stop to rehydrate.

Nuun is a good way to get electrolytes without the unnecessary sugar.

(2) Make sure you have something to eat before hand. I do not eat much when I'm sick because my stomach doesn't cooperate. But if I do any kind of physical activity I know it's important to consume something before hand. It helps from getting dizzy and passing out.

TryChips are great source of fuel they are all natural and very easy on the digestive system.

(3) Listen to your body. When I started my cardio workout I knew it was too much, so I decided to change my routine and do some easy strength training.
Utilize the space in your house. The long hallway in mine is great for lunges.

(4) Stay away from forms of exercises where you move quickly between different height levels (for example Burpees). I love a good Burpee but when you have sinus pressure the quick movement down and up can cause dizziness. Instead, do exercises that are centered on one level (like one legged plank).
Keep it easy.

(5) Don't workout in public. If you are contagious stay home or do your workout where you won't have to worry about interacting with other people. Don't pass your cold. It's not polite.

Don't spread your germs!


  1. Real good tips!

    And you ROCK that one legged plank. I can't even lift myself up YET. One day but man they are hard.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Thanks for sending out tips on what to do while not feeling the best. It's nice not to simply hear "take a day off"

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  4. I have been running with the same bottle for a year now. I love it! I take it with me on any run over an hour and sometimes on shorter runs. It almost always has margarita clif blocks in the pouch! Feel better! My youngest was diagnosed with strep yesterday. She is bouncing off the walls with energy after resting for a day. I am working hard not to get it!

  5. Nice Side Plank! Hope you feel better. And those are great tips. I hope you feel better!