Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

Years ago (13 to be exact) I ran track in high school. I only ran a season, but I really enjoyed it. I was a hurdler and I wasn't really good at it (which is an understatement). My coach never made me feel inferior but it was apparent that I wasn't on her "all-star" team. I did run 4th heat after all. Many times I would stumble and fall while trying to get around the track. I honestly think people stayed to watch me run for a good laugh.

Today felt like one of those days, just trying to get over the hurdles to arrive at my final destination. The day started off on a sour note. I didn't wake up early enough to get my run in before MG got up. I do blame this on staying up WAY too late to watch the Antique Roadshow, damn intriguing television. The whole morning MG and I were pretty cranky. MG because he wanted to go for a walk and me because we had no coffee and I didn't get enough sleep. As the morning went on I decided that I would sneak out while MG was napping.

Once I got him down for a nap, I got all my stuff together, laced up my shoes, and grabbed my jacket. As I headed for the door, hubby looks at me and asks "where are you going?" I specifically remember telling him my exit strategy and him nodding. But apparently it didn't stick. Hubby followed up the question with "You can't go. I have to leave soon for work." DAMN! My excitement just hit a wall. Now when will I get my run in?

The afternoon proceeded a little more smoothly. MG woke-up happy, which always improves a mommy's mood. I decided that instead of heading to the gym for interval work, I would try to get a good 5 miler in. I do have a jogging stroller, so why not utilize it. So I get MG all ready to go out the door (jacket, hat, shoes) and low-and-behold.... no stroller. It had been left in the trunk of our car! REALLY!? Now I had to try to explain to a 2 year old why we weren't going for a walk. Needless to say it was meltdown central. Once I got MG calm, I decided we would indulge in some ice cream and coloring.
I think I had running on my mind during coloring time. That's me finishing and hubby waiting.

As the afternoon passed I decided that I would drop MG off at his grandmothers tonight, so I don't have to worry about getting him ready to drop him off early tomorrow. It would also provide me the opportunity to get to the gym and complete my much attempted interval work.

After hubby dropped off MG and came home, I took the car and started off towards the gym. I didn't even get up the street when I got a phone call. It was hubby wanting me to stop at the Chinese Restaurant to pick up food for his mom before I went to the gym. Next door to the restaurant was a liquor store. Fate tempted me, oh how easy it would be to throw in the towel and go home to drink a couple glasses of wine. But no, I must remain strong and get to my end destination.
Oh temptation!

As I left the restaurant I get another phone call. My mother in-law telling me I forgot MG's pjs. I knew this had to be a mistake because I remember packing them. Thankfully hubby just forgot the bag in the car. But the thought of going back home to grab pjs would make me totally pass up the gym. I finally dropped off the food and the missing bag and headed to the gym.

Could this really be happening? It was 9:00 pm after all. NOPE! When I arrived at the gym I realized that it was a Friday night. This wouldn't be a problem in other areas, but since my gym was surrounded by bars and hip restaurants there was ABSOLUTELY NO parking. I circled and circled and circled, going up and down blocks. Nothing. I heard the voice in my head say a million times "just go home!" I refused to give in. I finally saw taillights in a nearby parking lot, someone was leaving. I zoomed in and took the spot.

It was 9:33 pm and I had finally arrived. I had been ready to go since 1:00pm, so for a total of 8ish hours I was wearing my workout clothes and shoes patiently waiting to get in my miles. Once I got into the gym I put my stuff away went to the mirror and.... shit! I was covered in chocolate! Yep chocolate ice cream. In my mad dash out the door I forgot to change my shirt which MG put his ice cream hands all over. Oh well can't win them all, need to get on the treadmill.

The place was practically empty

While running time flew by and my run felt great. I remember saying to myself "Wow, you are getting stronger". Not only that but my comfortable pace seemed to easy so I had to speed up a bit. After 3 miles of interval work I had done it! I overcame all the hurdles of being a mom, wife, daughter in-law and I finally made it to the gym and got my workout in. As I left the gym, I headed out to my car. FML!! SERIOUSLY?!? I got a parking ticket. Whose karma did I mess with this week? Oh well it could be worse..... Right?

After today I need a mommy vacation. A weekend for me to escape and really focus on what I love to do. And I think the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference might just be the most amazing opportunity to do this. During MG's nap I was catching up on some blogs and I discovered that FitFluential as well as Refuel With Chocolate Milk are providing scholarships for bloggers to go! How awesome would that be, especially after the three traffic tickets this week. Plus it's in Denver, which is one of my favorite places. So keeping my fingers crossed!

On a completely different note, don't forget that tomorrow I will be live tweeting throughout the seminars at the MultiSport Conference in NYC. Totally pumped for this. If you would like to follow me please go to twitter and follow HappyMotherRun and/or use #MSNYC. I am looking forward to a whole day dedicated to health and fitness, plus I love expo!

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  1. It is so cool that your MIL lives nearby so she can give you time off once in awhile.

    I ran JV track one year too (freshman, I think). I ran the 200 hurdles, in the last heat. I remember winning once because all the fast people got tangled up and tripped. I just jumped over them and won. I was so stoked. Haha. Nice, huh?