Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Happenings for a Happy Mother Runner

Last week was pretty nice. Not a whole lot of craziness, but just enough excitement to keep me happy.

Thursday my PhD adviser told me that I don't have to take any classes next semester. Instead I can begin my pilot research and work on my literature review. This was the greatest news because I have been feeling really stuck in my studies lately. I know a PhD isn't easy, but I am 5 years in and I just feel like I am not moving. This is the worst feeling when you want to get out and start life. I am also starting to wonder what I am going to be doing after graduation. So if any of you know of awesome jobs that want to hire a PhD in Instructional Technology and Media with a focus in Developmental Child Psychology, please let me know!

PhD Comics are what most graduate students live off of to bring some humor into a very stressful environment.

Friday I went to FinishLine PT and ran on the AlterG. I can't get over how amazing it was to run with almost no pressure on my lower body. It does motivate me to lose a little more weight. (The Verdict is...FinishLine Rocks!)

Saturday I was informed that I was given a scholarship to attend the Fitness and Health Blogger Conference taking place in Denver during the third weekend in June. The conference "discusses the communication of cutting-edge fitness and health information to the public via the internet with the goal of combating obesity and improving wellness." It also provides many opportunities to take part in seminars and classes. I am really excited about being a part of this.

Sunday was Greece's Independence Day. Since I am Greek Orthodox and married to a Greek man, we partook in the festivities (I made sure to get my cross training class in before we headed out, talk about a busy Sunday!). The whole family headed down to the parade that took place on 5th ave in Manhattan. MG was dressed in the traditional Greek military uniform. He had so much fun, and some of the pictures that were taken were just stunning. It was nice to have a large positive community gathering during a time of struggle and rebellion happening in Greece.

What is happening this week?
I started off my Monday as a Guest Blogger on Running with Sass. Please check it out! Heather has an amazing blog and I am honored to have one of my posts featured. The post that I wrote is titled "Tips for the Active Mom".

Hubby and I have another half marathon coming up on Sunday. It is the Atlantic City April Fools Day Half Marathon.

And my followers and friends submitted 6 votes for me this past weekend. That means I have a 6 mile run dedicated to all of you! If you have a minute please take the time to vote for me for the Fitness Magazine Blogger Award. Thanks for all your support!

Other then that, we will see where life takes me this week :)


  1. Hi Amanda, I finished my PhD 2 years ago. I understand your struggle! Given the green light to start your research is HUGE! The finish line of THAT marathon is pretty amazing :)

    1. 1st of all Congrats on your PhD! It was a huge step and felt great. That is a finish line that I am looking forward to crossing.

  2. Cool idea to do a mile for every vote!!! I love it. Happy late Greek Independence Day. I love Greek food and festivals - I go to our local one every year. Such an amazingly rich culture! Congrats on the conference scholarship :)

  3. Yay! We're going to be at the conference together. I'm so excited to meet everyone.