Friday, March 30, 2012

My Nuun Hood to Coast Video Submission

I have decided to submit an application for the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Team. This experience looks amazing! The Hood to Coast Relay is a 197 mile relay race that takes place August 24 - 25. I absolutely LOVE Nuun, and to run for a company whose product I really support would be an amazing experience. The aspect I am most excited about (if selected) would be running with a handful of women who appreciate the sport as much as I do!

If you are interested in applying the application can be found here

You can watch the official 2011 Nuun Hood to Coast video here

My submission video for this years team can be found below. Keeping my fingers crossed. The teams will be announced April 24th.

Nuun Hood to Coast Video by Happy Mother Runner

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  1. Super sweet application video! Good luck with it all :)

    Depression sucks rocks...I know that first hand.

    Your babe is ADORABLE!!!!!