Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Success isn't Always Measured Based on Miles

Most of all my posts revolve around running, it is a running blog after all. And the posts that don't revolve around running are usually about being MG's Mommy. But today is a little different. For the first time I am actually going to write about some work I have done professionally.

I am currently unemployed, due to the fact that my PhD program is crazy right now and I don't have the time for a full-time job. But when time does permit I do a lot of freelance work for television companies in their research department. My jobs usually involve researching scripts from children's television shows. From my research sessions, I pinpoint what is successful in the script (educational, humor, appeal, etc) and what aspects need to be changed. One show that I am extremely proud to have been a part of has finally placed a clip online publicizing their Fall airdate.

So to all my readers, I am proud to give you the first released clip of Daniel Tigers Neighborhood (yes the Mister Rogers Spinoff).

You can find it here:

I hope you enjoy!

Until next time...
Be Inspired, Stay Motivated, Run Strong!

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