Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rocking my Race on the Sidelines

The inevitable happened. I got sick. No matter how many times I cleaned the door handles, washed my sons hands, and drank airborne...I still got sick. The timing is awful. I have the Atlantic City April Fools Half Marathon on Sunday. So in a worried haste I went to my doctor. As I sat there waiting to be seen I played the scenario in my head. The Dr. would say, "Amanda, just take these pills you will feel 100% by tomorrow and you will crush your race on Sunday."

Well, that wasn't necessarily what happened. Instead I heard, "You came in just in time. The infection is located in your nasal cavity and throat. It hasn't gone to the ears. You need to get a lot of rest and fluids. NO RUNNING. You will suffer from major dehydration if you push your body in a half marathon."

I was disappointed. As I went over to the pharmacy to pick-up my antibiotics I couldn't help but feel sad. This was suppose to be my 6th half marathon in 7 months. The course is suppose to be beautiful and the medals are suppose to be awesome.

While waiting for my prescription to be filled I browsed the aisles. At the end of the last aisle in the store was neon poster-board. In that moment I decided to not let this sinus infection get me down. Instead of sulking about missing one race, I am going to go out there an be an amazing spectator. So along with two pieces of poster-board I picked up three bags of Hersey's kisses.

In every race I have ran there has been at least one amazing spectator. At the Disney marathon relay a TNT member chewed my foot bandage off. At the Hyannis Half a paramedic chased me for two minutes to let me know I was going in the wrong direction. When running the Rock and Roll USA DC Half Marathon a group of college students were handing beer out at mile 9(ish). Now it's my turn to provide the runners with some humor with my signs and appreciation with chocolate.

My roll has changed, but my attitude hasn't. I am still going to go rock it, even if it's on the sidelines.

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