Thursday, March 1, 2012

Training Thursdays - Interval Program

As many of you have probably read, I am starting to focus on changing up my routine. When I first started running, I just ran. Now that I am going into my 5th half marathon, I have begun to focus on hills and intervals to go along with my long runs. I have blogged about my hill training, but I haven't really touched on what I am doing when it comes to interval training. So today, I am going to cover my interval program.

**Word to the wise, I am a slow runner so the speeds you find in my program might not be perfect for you. You can adjust the speed to your preference.

For the last month I have been focusing on the program found below (which was developed specifically for me by my trainer). So far I have noticed that my heart rate recovers more quickly and I am starting to be able to run faster without getting tired. In two weeks my trainer will be doing my next VO2 max performance test. Then we will see how much more energy my body is outputting from all the training I have been doing. 

My overall performance since I started.

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