Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Sheddable Shells

Sheddable Shells

Tis the season for cold weather. Even though we might be getting slapped with some cold fronts doesn't mean we should put our race schedule on the shelf until it warms up.

When I was in FL participating in Disney's Marathon weekend, the temps fluctuated substantially between early morning  (waiting in corral  was about 30 degrees) to finish line temps (70 degrees). Since I didn't have anyone cheering me on at the sidelines, I needed to make sure that whatever I was wearing would be good from start to finish. Unlike other runners, I neglected to get warm clothes to wear at the starting line that I could easily take off and be willing to toss on the sidelines.

I am on the left wearing my Sheddable Shells.
While at expo, I saw a booth for Sheddable Shells. I was reluctant at first, but thought I might as well invest in some instead of freezing while waiting for the start. In the end it was a great investment. They sold pants and jackets, and as silly as I looked I was just as warm. They were easy to take off when getting ready to run. They are made from a poly-spun blend of Polyethylene and Polypropylene. Sheddable Shells are light weight and easy to move in, waterproof, and wind resistant.

TMI MOMENT: Sheddable Shells didn't only keep me warm but saved me when I found myself stuck in a portapotty without any toilet paper. I ripped off some of my pants and I was on my way back to the starting line to wait for my relay partner for the marathon.

Sheddable Shells can be bought at and run $10.00 for a jacket and $10.00 for a pair of pants.

At the moment I can not find any deals or promo codes for Sheddable Shells, but when I do I will post an update with the information.

Be Inspired, Stay Motivated, Run Strong!

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