Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Alpha and Omega Run

Sad about my sparkly soul headband!
My last run of 2011 was probably one of the best runs I have had in a while. It didn't start off on the best note though. While getting ready to head out to the gym, I noticed something missing from my gym bag. When I was at the gym the day before I had placed my favorite (and only) sparkly soul headband on top of my makeup case in my gym bag. The locker room had been full, and in my hurry I turned my back to grab my jacket out of my locker. When I turned back around I zipped up my bag, took a look around to make sure I didn't leave anything, and headed home. I realized that my headband was missing the next day when I searched high and low for it. Not in my gym clothes, makeup bag, pockets, etc. My headband was gone. I know I didn't drop it, and because it was at the top of my bag in visible site for everyone that was in the locker room, I am almost 100% sure that someone swiped it. This was beyond disappointing, borderline devastating. I love having sparkle when I run, and this headband stayed in place. Not to mention, now I don't have the time to order a new one to wear at Disney. DISAPPOINTED!
Running my favorite route

So, as I was saying, the day didn't start off on a high note. After I finally got myself and my son ready, we headed out the door. My intention was to go to the gym, but the weather was amazing (sunny, no wind, and high 50's). During the walk to my in-laws, I internally debated on if I should go to the gym. As I arrived at the house, I had decided that I would skip the strength training and enjoy my last run of the year. That was the best decision. My run was strong and my pace was one of the better ones this year. I felt great. The best part was the light showers throughout. I love running in drizzle that is on and off.
Swift <3 Feet

After my run, I decided to treat myself to a spa pedicure with a hot stone foot massage. When it came to putting the polish on my nails, I asked the lady to do a design. She asked me what I wanted, so I wrote it down for her (the language barrier was too much to explain it). The nail tech looked at me like I was crazy, did her religious cross, and went to work. Before long most of the nail ladies were surrounding my chair and watching her. 15 minutes later I had my final product. My feet are officially ready for the Disney races!

Running the quite airports
The first run of the new year was more like a paced walk. Since I had pushed myself hard during my run yesterday I wanted to take it a little easier today and decided to practice walking the correct pace to keep the required time for the races next weekend. After spotting a few totaled cars from early morning celebrations, I decided to head down to the airport and get my miles where it is a little more quite. I would rather run with the cabs then a bunch of drunk people still trying to get home. The run was fair and my body is worthy of a stick rub down tonight. After getting out there for a short two miler I met up with a good friend for some amazing grilled cheese and workout clothes shopping. For the first time, a new year felt different. It actually felt new. My count of miles refreshed and I woke up thinking, "this year I am going to rock!"

Happy New Year!
Be Inspired, Stay Motivated, Run Strong!

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