Thursday, January 12, 2012

Training Thursdays - Cross Training Exercises and Foam Rolling

Today's training session was great! We did two different circuits that will help improve my strength in running, then we did stretching, then ended with foam rolling.

Circuit 1 - Repeat 3 Times
First,we started out with the Bosu ball doing squats. With the round side down, you balance with feet spread, then squat into a sitting position while also raising your arms. Ten squats per rep.

Second, we did a modified plank. I went down to plank position, picked up a dumbbell, twisted the top of my body towards the ceiling while pressing the dumbbell up. Then I placed the dumbbell down and did the same thing with the opposite side. Then I walked myself up with my hands into standing, then jumped up raising my hands towards the ceiling. Twenty dumbbell raises (ten on each side) and ten jumps up per rep.

Third, we did some basic weight training. Sitting facing forward on an inclined bench I did 10 reps of dumbbell presses in a "Y" shape above my head. Then 10 reps in a "T" shape at shoulder height. Then we ended with 10 reps of dumbbells in towards the back, working the triceps.
Presses in a T shape (up and down)
Presses behind the back (down and back)
Circuit 2 - Repeat 3 Times
I then continued into some cardio. Jump roping for two minutes, with a break between minute 1.

Second, I did bench squats. Raising one leg, then lowering myself into a sitting position. While keeping one leg raised I continued into the standing position. Ten times per leg.

Third, while kneeling on a ball and having hands placed on a bench, I rolled my knees up over the bench then rolled the ball back until my body was extended into plank. This was done 15 times.

Finally, I did 10 pull ups using a pull up machine in the gym.

**I apologize if I didn't use the proper terminology for each of the exercises. I am learning as I go.

After the circuits were completed, my trainer stretched me out (AMAZING)! Then she taught me some foam rolling exercises. I had Googled foam rolling videos and the one posted below is exactly what we did today.

Foam rollers can be found at and range in prices from $19 - $33 + dollars.

Be Inspired, Stay Motivated, Run Strong!

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