Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running in the news - Woman gives birth after finishing Chicago

One of my goals is to run the Chicago marathon someday. But I am telling you I am not doing it 9 months pregnant. Amber Miller, on the other hand, did. She signed up for the Marathon in February and found out shortly after that she was expecting a child. With the advice of her doctor and help from her husband she finished the marathon. She only ran as much as her doctor told her she could and she walked the rest. This is what Amber said to reporters.

"We signed up for the race in February, and then two days later I found out I was pregnant," Amber Miller told reporters today at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield. "I wasn't real determined to run, and I kind of thought I would have already had the baby. And you know, it comes to the night before, I'm still pregnant -- and I paid for it, so I'm gonna run it."

Many have criticized her for doing such a strenuous task right before birth. But I give her credit. When I was that pregnant I couldn't even move. The fact that she had a healthy baby, says a lot. My opinion is that other people are doing much worse right before giving birth, at least she was keeping herself healthy.

Watch the video below.

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