Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cold Wind, Wet Feet, & Hot Soup!

Unless it was yesterday... YIKES!
Even though I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose, I pushed myself out the door. I was suppose to run 7 miles but ended up completing 7.71. I am extremely happy about my distance. My time not so much, but because I wasn't feeling well and haven't been running consistently this last week, I was ok with it.

I am happy that I passed up a run yesterday to do one today. Yesterdays weather was HORRIBLE! The snow storm hit the North East and hit it hard. By the time I was able to run the slush was ankle deep and I would have frozen my toes off.

Today's run had considerably better weather. Granted, there was a cold wind that stung my face when running by the water. And every now and then, I would accidentally catch a puddle getting my feet wet. But the best part of my run was finishing it and going to Brooklyn Bagel and getting myself a hot bowl of delicious veggie soup!

I guess sometimes all it takes is a decent run to make things in the world feel right again. I wasn't inside my head this time around. Instead, I was 100% into my run taking in my surroundings and feeling it. It was a completely different feeling compared to my last one.

I am also happy that I have finally found a top that doesn't try to ride up while I am running. I have been having problems with winter attire staying put. I am so excited because this top moved with me, kept me warm, and looked great. YAY!!

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