Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Head Is Playing Games

The other day a family member commented on how fat I still look even after all my running. At first the comment hurt, but after overcoming the sting I started to ponder why and it dawned on me that maybe I need to diversify my exercise routine. So I decided that I needed to really focus on my strength training. I know that I have it on my calender, but it is usually the first thing I skip when I need time to get work done for school or work.

So I started my Jillian Michaels routine. Two/three times a week I am alternating between "6 weeks to a 6 pack" and "30 day shred". I am hoping that tacking this on to my running will help build a stronger core, which is what I am really aiming for (not a thinner figure but a stronger one).

Even after figuring out my new plan of attack, my early morning run yesterday made me want to scream. It was one of those runs that was just hands down horrible. I know everyone has bad runs and to truly appreciate the good ones you have to experience the bad. But it's hard when you already feel like you are floundering. "You're fat! You're fat" kept running through my head. Along with "You're slow! "You're Slow!" (slow is my critique of myself). When I finally got home I just wanted to cry. But I told myself that the only way to get over this is to fix it. So I put in 30 day shred and worked my warm muscles a little more. Afterwards I felt a lot better.

I am my biggest critic. And I never thought that this journey would be easy, but I have learned one big lesson....As much as I train my body I also need to train my mind and thoughts to help me along and not bring me down.


  1. They say that about 90% of weight loss is achieved by diet, not adding more exercise.

    I really love those two Jillian videos! Careful you still get enough rest :)

  2. Yeah I know it's my biggest problem. When I am stressed I over eat and I feel like I have put on a lot of weight the last few weeks. I make sure I get at least a day a week (if not two) to rest.

    If you have any tips of diet, I am all ears! I have been contemplating a nutritionist.

  3. PS- I think that family member is a total jerk. What an insensitive thing to say!!

    The biggest tip (after smacking whoever asked you why you're not a svelte runner yet) I've got is to watch your portions, look at labels on things and measure it out if you have to.

    Really ask yourself why you want to eat, if the answer isn't truly hunger, find something else to distract yourself instead of eating. When I got bad cravings for stuff, I went and brushed my teeth. Some people get out and go for a walk.

  4. Thank you! Yeah it was pretty harsh and they believe that if I am not going to win a race why am I running one. HAHAHA. I am just happy that I'm not last!
    I have begun portion control and food monitoring, hopefully I start to see a difference in the next month. As for teeth brushing... that is brilliant!