Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running in the news - 100 Year old Finishes Marathon

There are stories that just push you to run even if you are not wanting to lace up the shoes in the morning. This is one of them. Fauja Singh became the oldest man to finish a marathon. At 100 years old he ran the Toronto Marathon finishing in just over 8 hours. Many have criticized the man saying that he actually didn't run the race and shouldn't be viewed as doing so. My opinion is that he's 100 years old and he just successfully walked/ran 26.2 miles the man deserves a round of applause. Mr. Singh started running after he moved to the US when he was in his 80's. That is amazing of its self. I thought it was impossible for me to start at 28. To top it off, Mr. Singh did all this because he felt like he had nothing else to lose. He had lost both his wife and son and used running to get through the emotional pain.

This man is an inspiration and we should be looking up to him for his accomplishment not down at him for his race time. Here is a video that was taken before the race, Mr. Singh is giving his insight on staying healthy. Great advice for all.

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