Thursday, October 27, 2011

My love of CEP

I had a pretty big scare last night, which led me to the conclusion that there are certain running items I just can't live without.

I had just gotten the laundry back from the laundry mat (I outsource b/c it saves time) and I was putting away our massive amount of clothes. As I was making my way through the piles and piles, I discovered one lonely CEP sleeve. This is what our laundry mat does when they find missing socks, the lady nicely piles all the lonely ones together. As I held my CEP compression sleeve I remembered specifically putting both in the laundry bag. If both went in the bag that means one is missing at the laundry mat. My eyes begun to tear and I felt frustration building up inside. How could they have lost my compression sleeve. What would I do, I can't get to the store to buy new ones until Saturday. How would I complete my long run? At this point during my panic it dawned on me that this compression sleeve was what helped me get through my 3 mile wall. It stopped my shin splints after months of icing, ibuprofen, and a couple chiropractor visits that couldn't. This sleeve is what helped me complete my first half marathon. This was more then a sleeve, it was a sentimental item that made me a runner.

As I pushed back the tears, I put away the rest of the laundry with a huge feeling of disappointment. I went to bed accepting the fact that my beloved sleeve was gone for forever.

When I was getting ready to go to work/school this morning I was gathering my belongings. I decided, since it was raining, that I would run indoors at the University gym. So I started to gather my running/workout attire. As I picked up one of my moisture wick shirts, there it was (my sleeve) stuck on the back of my shirt. My heart skipped a beat. I was beyond excited and it made my day. I happily put my newly found sleeve safely with my other sleeve and smiled. Everything felt right again. And then reality hit and I remembered that I had a huge day of meetings and headaches ahead of me.

I love my CEP's :)


  1. I totally love my compression sleeves and can't survive the shin pain without them!! Loving the blog! :) -Cassi

  2. Thanks hun! Yeah they are amazing!