Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Running Shoes and Guilt

As a running mother, there are days that I feel down right guilty going out the door. And there have been times where my guilt takes over the reasoning part of my brain and I take off my shoes and actually give up a run. This isn't just a mommy problem, but a problem for any woman who has work or home obligations. We think, "Really? Is it ok for me to go for run when the shit is hitting the fan at home or work?!" And the answer is YES! Go run! By allowing yourself time to go run and focus on YOUR health, you are bringing a better you back into the work and home environment. And what does that mean for the people around you? A happier and more sane you! (see the clip below)

Running and exercise develops endorphins that are vital to making you happy. So why is it important to be happy? Well it helps you live longer. What a concept... happy people live longer! (see the clip below)

One of the main ways to stay/be happy is to make sure you do not postpone your happiness. So lace up those shoes, put your blackberry on silent, and give your child a hug and kiss goodbye and get your run on! Because running = happiness and happiness = longevity so RUNNING = LONGEVITY! Let's dedicate this run to becoming a healthy, happy, 100 year old runner!

Happy Running!

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  1. So true, as a mom we always seem to put ourselves last. Running has been a great way for me to get some "me" time.