Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hunter Orange

Sexy Right?
It's that time of year when I head back to my old stomping grounds to visit my family (Friday I am taking flight). I am always excited to travel to the UP to see my mom and grandma. Most of the time spent there is quality family time since the UP is notorious for not having anything exciting to do. This time around I have added running to my list of activities (as well as puzzle construction and scrabble with my grandma). The funny thing is , for those that might not know, it's hunting season. Yep, deer hunting... one of the most important days of the year for Yoopers (not joking). The tradition is so deeply engrained in the culture that kids get opening day off of school. I never realized how crazy of a concept it was until I moved away and realized the rest of the world didn't understand spending time in da woods in da cold to bag da buck (Yooper talk). Anyways. the crazy part isn't that it's hunting season, what's crazy is that if I want to get my long runs in outdoors (in the snow and the gear!) I will need to wear this very fashionable piece of clothing. Why might you ask.... well it helps ensure that all hunters will know that I am not a deer running down the street and will (hopefully!) not shoot me. And I can guarantee that my mother (even though I am almost 30 years old) will not let me out of the house without it, unless I am going somewhere in the car. Don't fret blogging community, my embarrassment is your amusement. So for your viewing pleasure I will undoubtedly make sure that there is a wonderful picture of me decked out in my "DON'T SHOOT! I'm running!" gear.

The northern part of MI.... way up North!


  1. Bon voyage! Tell the U.P. I said hi!

  2. My Dad (who no longer runs much btu spends alot of time out on our property) has that exact set. He looks cool, and I like that he has so far, remained alive. :) happy Holidays!