Sunday, November 20, 2011

Michigan running = treadmill torture!

As some of you may know, I have taken a little time off to recover from plantar fasciitis. The worst part of my pain... knowing that this happened because a pair of  everyday flats. Needless to say, those shoes have been put where they belong (the trash). My recovery has consisted of Ibuprofen, a night brace, morning tennis ball rolling, foot soaking with Epson salts, and nightly frozen water bottle rolling. I am not sure if one helped more than another, but the pain has subsided and I finally laced up my beautiful neon blue mizuno shoes and went for a run.

Unfortunately, the run was on a treadmill :( Since I arrived in Michigan for the Thanksgiving holiday, my son has been on me like glue (super duper glue). I can't even take a shower. My husband is still back home in NYC, so everyone in my mom's house is relatively new to my son (my mom and grandmother and aunt have met Michael numerous times, but he is too young to really remember people that he doesn't see somewhat regularly). This clingy phase has put a major damper on my running. But fortunately, my mother had invested in a treadmill that sits (dusty) in the corner of her living room. This has been my ONLY option to get a run in. But using a treadmill is actually much harder than I remember; I stopped running on treadmills around May and that transition was hard. At first I hated running outside, but now going back to the treadmill has made me realize how much I love being in charge of my own pace without pushing a button and how great it feels to run a neighborhood. I am thankful though for that dusty thing sitting in the corner, because I have a very strong feeling that this is my only way of getting my miles in. I do have to admit that after such a beautiful snowfall last night, my mind and body were aching (deeply) to go for a crisp run in the snow. Oh, well maybe in a few days I might be able to sneak away for a much needed date with some pavement.

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  1. The U.P. looks gorgeous!! I hope you get outside and run too!! I'm glad your foot is on the mend. Seems like most running injuries go away fast if you treat them early enough.