Friday, November 4, 2011

ING NYC Marathon Expo

Hal Higdon and I. Unfortunately the picture was blurry :(
Even though I am not running the NYC marathon this year, I couldn't  help myself, I took my son and we made the trek to the Jacob Javits center to go to the expo. The vendors at the expo were amazing. Right when you entered, was the Runners World booth. Sitting there signing his book was Hal Higdon. So I went up and had a chat with him. Thanked him for helping me loose my baby weight, and then asked him to sign the book to my husband, who is now working on becoming a marathon runner. I walked around and looked at all the booths that were promoting races. Had to look at the Disney medals, in person, one more time (AMAZING). Next to the Disney booth was the Ottawa Marathon, I fell in love with the Ottawa Marathon medal. It was hands down gorgeous. I think we are going to have to look into the race. After some shopping and browsing, I ended my visit at the Rock 'n' Roll booth where I registered my husband and I for the DC race (we received 15 dollars off per registration). Overall, it was a great expo. I wish the ING people would have had the expo in a bigger room because on a Friday midday it was PACKED. I wouldn't want to try to maneuver around everyone with a stroller tomorrow. YIKES! Now off to find some good sayings for signs to cheer on the ING runners as they go through Queens on Sunday.

Happy Running!

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