Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Manic Monday at the Doc

Having a child means frequent doctors visits even if they aren't sick. Since Michael was born we have been going to the doctor almost every month either for check-ups, vaccines, or the dreaded flu.  I like to do same day appointments instead of month by month scheduling (for me it's easier because things always seem to change in my house). Yesterday was my day of doctor craziness. I decided when I woke up, since I had the day off, I would take Michael in for his next set of vaccines and a check-up. I should have known that the day wasn't going to go well when it started off with a call to the wrong doctor. The worst part, it took me a whole conversation to realize it. Here is what happened.

How I felt after calling the OBGYN!
Lady: Hello, doctors office.
Me: Hi. What time is the office closed today for lunch?
Lady: The doctor isn't in today.
Me: Oh really. Ok, I guess I need to make an appointment.
Lady: What's the name?
Me: Amanda
Lady: Ok, what is it for?
Me: I need to get my son his next set of shots
Lady: Oh we don't do that here
Me: Really? When did you stop?
Lady: We never gave shots
Me: Last time I brought my son in he had his shots.
Lady: I'm sorry Mrs. Rosenburg, but I think you are confused.
Me: No, no I remember.
Lady: This is the OBGYN, we don't give children shots here.
Me: <Long pause> Oh my God! I have the wrong number! I am so so sorry.
Lady: it does say in your record that you're due for a check up soon.

Me: well I guess I should schedule something.

After hanging up with my OBGYN I called the actual pediatrician and they told me that they weren't busy and to come in right away. The appointment went as expected, Michael screamed and held on like a monkey and the doctor fought with the little guy to get his temp, a look in his ears, and a listen to his heart. The appointment took a turn when Dr. Nick looked at me during one of Michael's screaming fits and asked me if I was feeling ok. I looked at him with a sense of bewilderment. Dr. Nick approached me and asked me if he could touch me.... "umm ok". The doctor started rubbing the front of my neck and he stopped and stepped back and said, "You need to see your doctor. Your thyroid is excessively large." Really?!? 

Since I didn't have work I thought, "why the hell not, lets go to my doctor also." So after Michael finished up, we headed to to my doctor. After an hour and a half wait it was my turn. 
Doctor: What's up Amanda?
Me: Michael's pediatrician thinks that I might have a problem with my thyroid. He said it looks enlarged.
Doctor: Ok, lets take a look. (steps back) swallow for me.
Me: <Gulp>
Doctor: Do you lift weights.
Me: I haven't for a few weeks
Doctor: well, it doesn't look like you have a thyroid problem.
Me: Really? Well, what did he see?
Doctor: <laughs> your neck is more toned compared to most woman.
Me: huh?
Doctor: You have masculine neck muscles.
Me: So you're saying that the weight training I do for my arms has been more effective for my neck
Doctor: Yep, looks like it.

Seriously....FML! Really? I am happy that it isn't a thyroid problem, but the idea that my muscles are building in my neck and I still have the "wave" fat on the bottom part of my arms is irritating. 

So what happened next.... I asked my doctor about my foot pain and he told me that I have the beginning signs of Plantar Fascia (I figured) and that I need to take it easy for a week. Allow for soaking time at night, wear a night brace, not to walk barefoot, do some stretches, and look into alternating my running shoes. So today I went and got an awesome pair of neon blue Mizuno shoes (of course fitted at wonderful Jack Rabbit).
My new foot gear
LOVE the color!

Then I brought up the problem I have with breathing (a variable that has kept my pace rather slow). After some breathing tests and a laundry list of questions, my doc gave me my new running buddy. I am hoping that this will help with all my problems while running. We shall see!

All in all, it was just another manic Monday!

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